Sunday, August 18, 2013

IMM Reunion 2013- Down on the Farm

 Paul arrived with his hay wagon and tractor.. all compacted onto one trailer complete with hay.
Paul has been working on this for the past year..

 Our chicken had multi-colored eggs filled with trinkets and candy

 Prizes for our games.. want to guess how many candies are in the jars?

 Paul built steps into the wagon so that "everyone" could 
take a ride.. I thought it was great fun !
 Paul 2 Blair heading over to put our milking cow together.
If you milked the cow, you got a sticker that read "I milked a cow".. and
a treat from our little milk can

 This is Drew.  We made him an 'honorary IMM' for the day.
He is Paul's extra hands and the two of them brainstorm to
 come up with some amazing things..

 Drew helped put the haywagon together and then put this
refrigeration table together to keep our cold foods really super cold.

 Emmy Kremer

 Kids having lunch on the hay wagon

 Sherry and Bill trying to light the fire pit

 cold foods
 It is a tradition in the Imm family to play a few rounds of Bingo
on reunion day.. This year we had TONS of prizes in addition
to our Chinese auction.. which was fantastic.  Someone went home
with a breadmaker.. and we had gorgeous offerings of baskets and 
boxes of bath stuff.. David Blair went home with the 'Week at the Movies' 
basket which had 7 DVDs, popcorn, Milk Duds, and a bunch of 
packets of hot chocolate mix.  
I'd like to thank everyone who donated a basket.. we shall do this again
next year for sure.
 Betty and Jim

 Barb and Marilyn

 Leslie, Denny , and Marilyn
 Leslie, Denny, Jane
 Packing up till next time.. this wagon comes apart in 4 sections
which have been bolted together when assembled.  Thanks Paul Blair!

Imm Reunion 2012

 Karen and Jeff

 Paul Blair 2 built a train with the help of his kids
Imm Special .. now leaving IMM-Agination Station!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

2010 Imm Reunion

It was a hot day in August 2010 when we gathered for our annual Imm family Reunion. I was honored to be the 'host' for this year, and it wasn't as hard as I thought. I had a LOT of assistance. Hope to see more of you again this year for IMM 2011.

Bob Imm~ spoke to the family and said some very kind words about me in re IMM~agine that, our family news paper. Please comment if you would, on identification of you and your family members. I have such a poor memory (sorry for that).

I was tickled that ALL of my children and grandchildren attended this year. They made this a memorable reunion for me. This is Wendy and her tickets for the drawing... maybe we'll go a bit slower next year.

Doris Coudriet in the blue shirt, and Daniel Blair in front.

We tried to make it festive~ we had a theme~ Carnival !

More of my gang.. Jennifer Vulhop, Esther Valentine, and Amanda Zombeck

We strung peanuts and popcorn along one wall of the pavilion. That's my hubby Wendell Blair guarding a few of them .. hehehe

No reunion is complete without the family history books.. these are a sampling of the many volumes on my bookshelf. I encourage any and all who are interested, to contact me and I'll help you find your roots.

fun in the pavilion

Joyce Blair and Esther Valentine ran the duck pond
Prizes for EVERYONE !

this is my grand daughter Annabelle with one of her duck pond prizes. All the 'stuff' behind her on the tables was raffled off. Our raffle proceeds are used for the following year's reunion.

Down over the embankment to the left is a steep slope to the Allegheny river. The view is awesome. A must see.

Our family has a lot of kids~ the Imm's are prolific!

My son, Paul Blair, built this train so the kids would have a ride for the Carnival. It was a hit! Thank you, Paul.. you made this a really special reunion. Looking forward to bringing it again next year !!!

the engine had the Imm Coat of Arms on the side.